I watch you being brought in,
In a cage that they say will make you feel comfortable.
Maybe even help you not “notice” what fate is to come.
But I see a difference.
A difference in your eyes.
They are no longer round, curious, and inquisitive.
They have a squint to them that I’ve seen before.
I’ve seen it in an older bird who was forced to have hope of a family over and over again,
In the end only to be confused at why all of his belongings were packed up in his cage again –

Only to wonder why he couldnt sit on his favorite perch as the sun went down the way he grew used to –
And wondering why his person is no longer near him, and wondering when they’ll be back.

They bird doesn’t squawk to make you angry. The bird doesn’t fling his food to make you upset. Cockatoos don’t shed a lot of dander on purpose just to make your mild allergies flare up more than you’ve ever experienced. It’s the person who sold you that bird who didn’t educate you enough to know how to pick the right match for you and your situation.
Unfortunatley I’ve experienced birds who’s owners passed away. When I’m closing the store at night I see their posture slumped. Their head down in almost a sorrowful position. The bird doesn’t look at you in trust as a baby bird would. He only knows his person is gone, and he feels it is permanent. – And unfortunately, when a bird bonds with a family, the same effect happens when he is no longer wanted and brought into a shelter or a store. A bird’s bond is strong and an amazing experience if you let it happen. And its a sad thing to watch when their bond has been broken.
Yes a Macaw is beautiful. But did you know they have an earpeircing headsplitting honk when the sun comes up, when the sun goes down and whenever the heck they feel in the mood to honk ?
Yes an Amazon can talk super cool. But did you know they were nicknamed the “meat eaters” because of the shape of their beak and how much damage they can do if they are in a mood sometimes?
Yes a Cockatoo is AWESOME. But did you know their screaming could get to you worse than a Macaw, and if they’re not given enough attention they will scream all day ? They will mutilate until their flesh smells like death, and you can no longer stand the odor ?
Yes a green cheek is cute, but did you know that they are capable of over bonding that I’ve actually recieved calls from people not knowing how to stop the green cheek from following them around the house?
Did you know a Sun Conure could have a crazy obnoxious HONK and yell that really irritate neighbors and family members to the point that they are almost always being given away for free ?
Did you know bird toys ARE MEANT TO BE DESTROYED and it is a lifetime investment to continue buying birds toys so that they don’t get bored ?
This is not intended to make anyone feel guilty. This is to start spreading the word that we need to work together to do our research on what is best for your family. I promise that if we find you the perfect bird for your situation, you will find an amazing forever family member. I don’t consider it a customer’s fault when they come in with a bird that didn’t fit in with them. I consider it the seller’s fault and a lack of responsibility for not giving the proper education.