Should I trim my avian friend’s wings? How often do the wings and nails should be cut?2019-04-10T21:03:58+00:00

The answer to whether or not to trim your avian friend’s wings is completely up to you. Here at World of Parrots we do not side with either decision. The only thing we advise is that if you choose to keep your avian friend flighted, please be sure that your living situation is suitable for the situation. During the Spring season, we have customer’s who come into the store and report that their parrot escaped their window or screen door when flighted. We also have new customers who come in with a parrot that landed in their back yard whom they couldn’t find the proper owner for.
Other risks also include your avian friend flying into harm’s way while flighted. Things that your parrot can get into to cause injury include but are not limited to ceiling fans, hot stoves, bath tubs, toilets, mop water, open doors that are closing and can hit a flying parrot, vents, and more….

Can I house two birds together? I don’t want them to get lonely.2019-04-10T21:03:27+00:00

Our hand raised parrots are raised on a strong foundation of human companionship. Unless your avian friend is going to be left alone for long periods of time that exceed a normal full time job, most avian friends will not get lonely as they learn your work schedule, and know what time you leave and come home. Our avian friends learn our human routine just like dogs or cats! If you house a bird with another bird, there is a big chance that they might bond with each other. If two tame parrots bond with each other being housed in the same cage, they can potentially lose their bond with their human.

I heard Teflon is bad for my parrot. Is this true? Will the parrot die if I use Teflon?2019-04-10T21:02:42+00:00

Using Teflon will not kill a parrot immediately. The fumes in the Teflon, if used enough, has the potential to build up in your avian friend’s system, and eventually it can cause health issues. Now the Teflon fume of a BURNING Teflon pan, can be immediately fatal to your Avian Friend.