“I got my green cheek conure from here. Honestly I never knew I could love a bird so much. 10/10 recommend. Super friendly owner when messaging her for info also.”
– Caroline Gell March 2018

“Got our 3 year old Sun Conure from here and couldn’t be more pleased. Very friendly and very informative. Highly recommended if your looking for a first bird or getting another to add to your existing flock.”
-Brian Gobrecht March 2018

“So happy with our experience! Came in with one of our sons looking for a new feathered friend for our family. Having two little boys at home they were able to point me in the right direction! We are soo in love with our canary winged parakeet!”
– D. Kapaldo, September 2016

“The store owners are incredibly friendly and communicative with your purchases, they’ll help answer any questions you have before or after you decide on buying a bird or have bought one. They raise the birds themselves as babies, hand fed, and it’s clear that they do this in a great environment with excellent care as my new baby green-cheek conure reflects on that with how friendly and playful he is even on day one in his new home.”
– A. Yurov, November 2016

“This bird shop is the best! They are very knowledgeable, helpful, and you can tell they love what they are doing. If you want a healthy and happy bird go to them and you will not be disappointed. I will be coming back every month or so to stock up on bird supplies because their prices are are a great deal. I will recommend you guys to who ever is interested in a bird. Thank you guys!”
– C. Synowiec, June 2015

“I recently purchased an African Gray and an Umbrella cockatoo from AJ’s. The African Grey was a planned purchase.The Umbrella Cockatoo, not so much lol. While we were visiting our African Grey daily, waiting for him to be weaned and come home, we fell in love with Lola the cockatoo. So needless to say, she had to come home with us. I found AJ’s to be very clean and all of the birds happy and very well cared for. Juliette and Drew are both extremely knowldeable and honest about all of the birds they sell. Going there almost everyday for 6 weeks, I often heard their interactions with their customers which were always positive and friendly. If a family / customer came in with their hearts set on a certain breed of bird, I would hear Juliette tell them everything about that breed the positive and the negative, even if it meant losing a sale. It was refreshing seeing a pet shop owner more interested in placing the right bird in the right home than worrying about making a sale.. I found AJ’s pet shop to be extremely reasonable with pricing and it had very trustworthy owners. I took both my birds to the avairy vet in our area and his exact words to me was ” We alwys see very happy and healthy birds from AJ’s” ‘ . I would 110% recommend AJ’s to anyone who wants a happy healthy bird from an honest pet shop.”
– L. Youker, December 2015